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The White Room Studios

Studio Hire Specialists – We are a large commercial studio in Birmingham city centre, we hire and cater to all needs of studio use for still and video productions so please let us know what you're looking for. If you’re looking to hire the studio for an hour or a week we’ll make your time as comfy as possible as well as meeting all your job requirements. For all your photography and videography studio hire needs, we are what you require!

HairClubLive HYG13 – Ellenora Dean

We had the team from http://hairclublive.com hire the studio recently, Shooting was http://www.neilshelbylong.co.uk/
It was a normal day until a car full of manikins turned up, check the video for the results of the manikin shoot.

In the video top session stylist and educator Ellenora Dean tells us about the hair industry, why education is important and what a stylist means to their clients


Bibio – À tout à l’heure

We were very happy to have the legendary  bibio choose to hire our studio recently to film his latest video & project. Stephen and Russell were really cool to see working in the studio, they came in with a idea and very simply but very creatively made a really cool video. Stephen shot and light the whole  thing, so combined with writing and producing all his own music…… you simply have to tip your cap to him!

You can buy any of Bibio’s very successful albums on itunes - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/silver-wilkinson/id608419986


Denon DJ Engine Music Management

Denon DJ were in the studio recently to film the  v1.1.0 update to the Engine Music Management software. Edward Lawes from  144 Picture, Sound & Music http://1-4-4.com/ were on the production, and the guys had all the kit needed to DJ and a huge festival…. the only thing missing in there was 10,000 screaming fans!

Denon DJ Europe: http://www.dm-pro.eu/en/denondj/Pages…
Denon DJ US: http://usa.d-mpro.com/us/denondj/page…
Denon DJ Asia: http://apac.d-mpro.com/eng/denondj/Pa…

‘LAX (Fallow Remix)’ by The CloudShapers

‘Funky Paris (Fashion Mix)’ by Alvaro Vela ‘Blow Off (Stardust Mix)’ by Oscar D’vine http://www.plussodamusic.com
twitter.com/denon_dj facebook.com/DenonDJOfficial


E3UK Records & Kudos Music] Gupsy Aujla & Saini Surinder Ft. Raxstar – Sida Sada

After the successes of Bhangra, Get Funky & Rangeeleh, the Bhangra dreamteam of Gupsy Aujla & Saini Surinder return with another a floor filler.

Sida Sada sees Gupsy once again showing his versatility as a producer with a track that bridges Dance & Panjabi music seamlessly. This time round, the dynamic duo team up with the UK’s most respected Desi MC, Raxstar who graces Sida Sada with his unique flow.

https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/sid… – UK

Label: E3UK Records
Music: Gupsy Aujla
Vocals: Saini Surinder & Raxstar
Lyrics: Raja Lakhan Ke Padde
Concept by: Jarnail Singh
Directed by: Sunny Dhinsey
Production Team: Kam Kalsi & Dalver Birak
Make up: Trina Purewal
Lead actress: Kaijal Pahl & Sanisha Pahl


Amelia Lily – Find Your Voice competition


Amelia, who will help judge the entries, also stars in a powerful video highlighting the seriousness of bullying and encouraging people to enter the competition.

She said: “School can be a hard time for lots of people, and I know from experience that it can be difficult to be yourself. That’s why I’m so happy to be launching this competition.

“I hope it will empower young people to get creative and speak out – bullying is such a taboo subject so it’s great to be able to tackle that through Find Your Voice. I’m looking forward to seeing the entries and meeting the winner.”


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